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Get on the same page, even when there are no pages.

McGraw-Hill Connect strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework, helping everyone accomplish more in less time. Innovative, adaptive technology engages students in the course content so they are better prepared, are more active in discussion, and achieve better results.

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  • Instructors
  • Students
  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Customizable
  • Full Training and Support
  • Accreditation
  • Connect makes it easy for you to integrate digital resources into your course.
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    - Straightforward Course and Assignment Set Up
    - Simple integration with every LMS
    - Effortless Grading
    - User-Friendly Learning Aids
    - Integrated eBooks

  • Powerful Reporting: Turnkey reporting in Connect provides insight and analysis.
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    - At-Risk Report
    - LearnSmart Metacognitive Reports
    - Assignment Results
    - Section Performance
    - Item Analysis

  • Readily tailored to your needs and those of your students. Connect features a customizable suite of digital teaching and learning tools enabling you to do precisely what you want.
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    - Customizable Assignment Creation
    - Adaptive Learning Teachnology – McGraw-Hill LearnSmart
    - Lecture Capture – McGraw-Hill Tegrity
    - Note Sharing through eBook

  • Your needs and those of your students is our priority. Our digital service and support program reflects our goal to making implementing and using Connect enjoyable.
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    - Digital Success Academy
    - Tutorials and Success Tips
    - The Connect Community
    - Digital Implementation Team
    - Digital Faculty Consultants
    - First Day of Class Program

  • Connect’s product design and reporting capabilities will help you prepare for the accreditation process.
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    - Content is tagged book’s Learning Objectives
    - Content is also tagged to Bloom’s, AACSB (Schools of Business), and Topics
    - Ability to run reports based on specific learning outcomes

  • Improved Performance
  • All the Help and Support You Need
  • Engaging and Easy to Use
  • Your Course, Your Way
  • Millions of students have used Connect and the results are in. Connect works!
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    - Connect is Proven Effective
    - Study Better with LearnSmart
    - Hear From Students
    - Read All About It

  • Connect helps you identify what you know, and more importantly, what you still need to study.
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    - Immediate Feedback
    - Unlimited Practice
    - Personalized Reports
    - Lecture Capture with Tegrity
    - Media Rich eBooks
    - In Product Help
    - Connect Support

  • We’ve developed the most intuitive user experience available today for any learning system. It takes into account clever ways to save time so you can focus exactly on what you need to know now.
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    - Game Like Interface
    - Intuitive Design
    - Interactive Learning Content
    - Visual Progress Indicators and Reports

  • With Connect you have options to learn the way that fits your learning style and your life style.
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    - Purchasing Options
    - Free Trial
    - Go Green, Go Paperless
    - Portable

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McGraw-Hill Connect is...

Connect is designed from the ground up to work with the way instructors and students think and learn.
Learn how we made this a reality

Proven Effective

With Connect, students will be more engaged in your course, come better prepared to class, and achieve better results — we can prove it. Our case studies, effectiveness studies and testimonials from students and faculty back up our claim.

Easy To Use

Connect is designed to provide you with a highly intuitive user experience. We want to maximize your time and also save your students time by helping them to zero-in on exactly what they need to know now.

Tailored To You

Connect features a customizable suite of digital teaching and learning tools, including adaptive learning technology, an integrated eBook, lecture capture software and more.

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