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  1.  Zoé L. Albright

    Zoé L. Albright

    DFC for Developmental Writing, Literature, Composition

    Metropolitan Community College - Longview

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  2.  Gwenn Eldridge

    Gwenn Eldridge

    DFC for Integrated Reading and Writing

    Ivy Tech College of Indiana-Anderson

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  3.  Katie Reed

    Katie Reed

    DFC for Developmental Writing, Developmental Reading, Composition

    Ellsworth Community College

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  4.  Suzanne Buck

    Suzanne Buck

    DFC for Public Speaking, Business Communication

    University of Houston

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  5. n/a

    Billik William

    DFC for Finance

    Kent State University

  6.  Denise Deduex

    Denise Deduex

    Fayetteville Technical Community College

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  7.  Debbie Paul

    Debbie Paul

    Ivy Technical College of Indiana - South Bend

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  8.  Jennifer Boles

    Jennifer Boles

    Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

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  9. Kathy Gaeng

    Vatterott College

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  10.  Mia Small

    Mia Small

    Bryant and Stratton College

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