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Connect for Colander, Microeconomics, 9e

David C. Colander

Connect Economics provides a complete digital solution proven to foster student learning and instructor productivity. Built using content from McGraw-Hill’s world-class economics textbooks, Connect’s assignments are dynamic, interactive and aligned with learning objectives and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Whether accessing online homework, quizzing and tests, studying with the market-leading adaptive learning tool, or utilizing an interactive eBook, Connect Economics users can seamlessly move beyond the print world into the digital realm with complete confidence.

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Key Features

  • LearnSmart


    SmartBook is the first and only adaptive reading experience designed to change the way students read and learn. It creates a personalized reading experience by highlighting the most impactful concepts a student needs to learn at that moment in time.  As a student engages with SmartBook, the reading experience continuously adapts by highlighting content based on what the student knows and doesn’t know. This ensures that the focus is on the content he or she needs to learn, while simultaneously promoting long-term retention of material. Use SmartBook’s real-time reports to quickly identify the concepts that require more attention from individual students–or the entire class. The end result? Students are more engaged with course content, can better prioritize their time, and come to class ready to participate.

  • graphing tools

    Graphing Tools

    Graphing tools within Connect Economics provide opportunities for students to draw, interact with, manipulate, and analyze graphs in their online auto-graded assignments, as they would with pencil and paper.

  • Finance_Managerial and Corporate Finance_Fundamentals of Corporate Finance1e_Hillier_End of chapter and testbank

    End of Chapter and Testbank Content

    Connect includes direct textbook End-of-Chapter problem material, select Algorithmic problem material, and Test Bank questions. Assign students online homework, test and quiz questions with multiple problem types, algorithmic variation, and randomized question order. This fully integrated solution helps students master the concepts, practice problems and ultimately achieve success.


More Features

  • LearnSmart

    LearnSmart is an adaptive study tool proven to strengthen memory recall, increase class retention, and boost grades. Students are able to study more efficiently because they are made aware of what they know and don’t know. Real-time reports quickly identify the concepts that require more attention from individual students—or the entire class.

  • Content Tagging

    All assignable content within Connect Economics is tagged across several categories including chapter learning objectives, Bloom’s Taxonomy levels, topic area, difficulty level, and AACSB criteria. Instructors have the ability to filter using these categories in order to build assignments around desired learning goals. Reports aggregate student performance across these areas to help instructors identify weak points, track performance across learning outcomes and compare performance across sections or terms.

  • Math Preparedness Modules

    Provide review of basic algebra, slope, percentages, and graphing to help students acquire the appropriate background in mathematics necessary for success in economics.

  • Video Cases

    Two-part video segments featuring real business examples and auto-graded, integrated concept checks help students apply economic concepts to the world around them.

  • Integrated eBook

    When learning tools are interactive, content is more approachable and engagement is deeper. Connect includes an Integrated eBook that builds student comprehension through animation, audio and video. As part of its rich media format, students can insert and review notes, highlight text, conduct searches for specific content and interact with high-impact images.

Case Study

I love how I'm able to reinforce what I teach using the Connect questions and activities that I set up. It's very flexible and easy to use. I have found it even easier to use the second time around! Connect is a great product that increases student engagement and exam scores, and lowers the time I have to spend grading homework!

— Professor Sheryl Hadley, Johnson County Community College

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