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Accounting_Auditing_Auditing and Assurance Services 5e_Louwers_Book cover

Connect for Louwers, Auditing and Assurance Services, 5e

Timothy J. Louwers; Robert J. Ramsay; David Sinason; Jerry R. Strawser; Jay C. Thibodeau

Whether accessing online homework, quizzes, and tests or utilizing an interactive eBook, Connect Accounting provides a complete digital solution. Connect’s seamless partnership with the text’s content allows instructors and students to go beyond the print world, and into the digital realm with complete confidence.

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Key Features

  • EBook1

    Integrated eBook

    When learning tools are interactive, content is more approachable and engagement is deeper. Connect includes an Integrated eBook that builds student comprehension through animation, audio and video. As part of its rich media format, students can insert and review notes, highlight text, conduct searches for specific content and interact with high-impact images.

  • BandE_Interactive_Application

    Interactive Applications

    Applications provided for each chapter of the textbook allow instructors to assign application-focused interactive activities, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students apply what they’ve learned and receive immediate feedback, while instructors can monitor student progress. Interactive Application types include the following:
    o Drag and Drop/Sequencing – These fun and interactive exercises motivate students to apply concepts by dragging and dropping certain terms or examples into the appropriate categories or by sequencing various items in the correct order (such as the stages of an audit).
    o Comprehension Case – These help generate a deeper understanding of the material and foster critical thinking by asking students to apply chapter concepts in a realistic auditing scenario through an open-ended question format. These questions are followed by auto-graded concept check questions.

  • Finance_Managerial and Corporate Finance_Fundamentals of Corporate Finance1e_Hillier_End of chapter and testbank

    End of Chapter and Testbank Content

    Connect Accounting includes static versions of end of chapter problems and exercises, the accompanying study guide, and the testbank.

More Features

  • Reports

    Connect can generate a number of powerful reports and charts that let you quickly review the performance of a given student or an entire section.

  • Integrated Instructor/Student Resources

    All of our instructor/student resource supplements are conveniently housed within the Connect Library tab — right where you need them — so that you do not need to log onto the text’s Online Learning Center separately.

  • Pre-Built Assignments

    Pre-built assignments are available for each chapter of the text (covering all of the learning objectives of the chapter), so that instructors may assign them to students with a simple click of a button for an easy, efficient way to get started using Connect.

  • Lecture Capture with Tegrity

    Overcome time constraints and busy student schedules 

    With simple, one-click recording students can access your class lectures at anytime from anywhere an internet connection is accessible. A powerful keyword search function quickly pinpoints needed information. Easy access outside of class combined with a rich user experience translates into more learning opportunities and better prepared students.

Case Study

"Class attendance has gone up since we began using Connect Accounting, because students are responsible for a challenging homework assignment each week. Prior to using Connect, attendance for my sections was 75%. Since using Connect, attendance has increased to 90% or more. Connect Accounting keeps students in class each week because they want to know how to successfully complete the assignments."

— Professor Lisa McKinney, University of Alabama

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