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Connect for Mader, Essentials of Biology, 3e

Sylvia Mader

Essentials of Biology is an introductory biology text for non-major students that combines Dr. Sylvia Mader’s superb and accessible writing style with clear visuals a comprehensive learning system and abundant applications and relevancy. Essentials of Biology explains the principles of biology clearly and illustrates them in a captivating easy-to-understand manner. It emphasizes the relevance of biology to students’ lives within a framework of biodiversity and is organized around the major concepts of biology—cells theory gene theory evolution the theory of homeostasis and ecosystems.The integration of text and the digital world are now complete with the addition of Dr. Michael’s Windelspecht’s expertise in the development of digital learning assets. Dr Windelspecht has acted is the leading architect in the design of the Mader media content for McGraw-Hill’s ConnectPlus and LearnSmart. ConnectPlus suite of learning tools. These assets will allow you to easily design interactive tutorial materials enhance presentations in both the online and traditional environments and assess the learning objectives and outcomes of your course.


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Key Features

  • LearnSmart


    LearnSmart is an adaptive study tool proven to strengthen memory recall, increase class retention, and boost grades. Students are able to study more efficiently because they are made aware of what they know and don’t know. Real-time reports quickly identify the concepts that require more attention from individual students—or the entire class.

  • Biology_Biology Nonmajors_Essentials of Biology 2e_Mader_FullMediaIntegration

    Full Media Integration and NEW 3D Animations

    Digitally Engage Students for a Deeper Understanding: Media icons throughout the chapter link the students from the biology content into instructional and engaging tools to reinforce their understanding. 3D Animations bring an unprecedented level of instructional value to the classroom with never before seen functionality and are ADA compliant. They cover all of the primary topics of biology. Ask your Rep for a demo!

  • Biology_Biology Nonmajors_Essentials of Biology 3e_Mader_InteractiveQuestionTypes

    Interactive Question Types

    Assign and Engage: Instructors can select from a wide variety of engaging and interactive question types in Connect; labeling, sequencing, classification, composition, multiple-choice, true/false. Choose from a wide variety of assignment types and policy settings. You can fully edit and add your own questions. Our simple four-step assignment creation process, book specific content, ability to set specific policies – including number of attempts, what kind of feedback a student receives, what types of help a student receives.

More Features

  • Note Sharing with eBook

    Insert your own comments into the eBooks and they will automatically be sent to your students’ eBooks. This is a great way to reinforce important topics, includes specific examples you want to share, and even provide links to additional study materials.

  • Integrated eBook

    When learning tools are interactive, content is more approachable and engagement is deeper. Connect includes an Integrated eBook that builds student comprehension through animation, audio and video. As part of its rich media format, students can insert and review notes, highlight text, conduct searches for specific content and interact with high-impact images.

  • Category Analysis Reports

    The Category Analysis report provides statistics on each content category among assignments. You can filter this report by specific assignment and Learning Objective to help you identify specific areas of struggle. LearnSmart offers the Most Challenging Learning Objective Report to help you identify specific areas that you may want to review in class.

  • Reporting and Effortless Grading

    Connect’s assignments are auto-graded, saving you time and allowing your students to instantly see how they performed. Connect’s Reports then allow you to easily review student and section performance.

  • Digital Success Academy

    The Digital Success Academy is your go-to resource for building your Connect knowledge from beginner to expert. Whether you’re new to Connect or a seasoned veteran looking for advanced tips, it’s easy to find what you need. Comprised of the Connect Success Academy, Success Tips, and the Connect Blog, the Digital Success Academy is your essential tool for getting the most out of Connect.

Effectiveness Study

Connect Makes a Difference

Analysis of data aggregated from 34 Connect case studies featuring diverse colleges and universities in the United States showed consistent improvement in four areas:

Reduced administrative time for instructors
Increased effectiveness of lectures and more engaged students
Greater student confidence and retention rate
Higher test scores and overall grades

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