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Connect for Willey, Prescott’s Microbiology Lab, 9e

John Harley

Connect Microbiology allows instructors and students to use art and animations from the text for assignments and lectures. Help students come to class more prepared, more confident and ready to learn the complex science of microbiology! A seamlessly integrated digital solution, Connect Microbiology is proven to help your students perform better and achieve greater success.

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Key Features

  • Microbiology_MicrobiologyMajors_PrescottsMicrobiology8e_Willey_AdvancedStudentReportingimage

    Advanced Student Reporting

    The Student Activity View allows you to see your student’s progress on a given assignment and you can even see the exact version of the problem they are working on. This helps you determine where a given student may be struggling. Connect’s Section Performance report provides a dashboard view of how well your students are doing on course assignments.

  • Microbiology_MicrobiologyMajors_PrescottsMicrobiology8e_Willey_assignmentcreationimage

    Assignment Creation

    Easily design assignments that fit learning outcomes 

    All it takes is a few mouse clicks to create your ideal course. Choose from a library of pre-built assignments or access the question bank to tailor questions by type. You determine how and when students complete an assignment, the number of answer attempts and type of feedback available. To see these robust features in action watch the video to your right.

  • EBook1

    Integrated eBook

    When learning tools are interactive, content is more approachable and engagement is deeper. Connect includes an Integrated eBook that builds student comprehension through animation, audio and video. As part of its rich media format, students can insert and review notes, highlight text, conduct searches for specific content and interact with high-impact images.

More Features

  • Consolidated Instructor Resources

    Keeps you organized and productive

    So long to piles of paper and stacks of folders. With Connect’s safe storage system, all of your favorite teaching materials—PowerPoint files, manuals, assessments and more—are in one virtual location. 

  • Lecture Capture with Tegrity

    Overcome time constraints and busy student schedules 

    With simple, one-click recording students can access your class lectures at anytime from anywhere an internet connection is accessible. A powerful keyword search function quickly pinpoints needed information. Easy access outside of class combined with a rich user experience translates into more learning opportunities and better prepared students.

  • Digital Faculty Consultants (DFC)

    Our Digital Faculty Consultants are some of our most passionate Connect customers, and they love helping other instructors realize the benefits of digital teaching and learning. You can connect with them via webinars, conferences, emails, or campus presentations. Peer Training and Support

Case Study

Using LearnSmart has allowed me to approach `homework’ in a completely different way. Before, it was almost impossible for me to provide feedback to my students in a timely manner. With LearnSmart, feedback is immediate and students know exactly where they should focus and what their weaknesses are, and are able to keep on track and on task.

— Dr. Gabriel Guzman

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