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Whether accessing online homework, quizzes, and tests; studying with the market leading adaptive learning tool; or utilizing an interactive eBook; Connect for Biology provides a complete digital solution. Connect’s seamless partnership with the text’s content allows instructors and students to go into the digital realm with complete confidence.


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McGraw-Hill Connect engages students in the course content so they are better prepared, are more active in discussion, and achieve better results. See the Proof »


  • LearnSmart


    LearnSmart is an adaptive study tool proven to strengthen memory recall, increase class retention, and boost grades. Students are able to study more efficiently because they are made aware of what they know and don’t know. Real-time reports quickly identify the concepts that require more attention from individual students—or the entire class.

  • Interactive Question Types

    Biology_Biology Nonmajors_Essentials of Biology 3e_Mader_InteractiveQuestionTypes

    Assign and Engage: Instructors can select from a wide variety of engaging and interactive question types in Connect; labeling, sequencing, classification, composition, multiple-choice, true/false. Choose from a wide variety of assignment types and policy settings. You can fully edit and add your own questions. Our simple four-step assignment creation process, book specific content, ability to set specific policies – including number of attempts, what kind of feedback a student receives, what types of help a student receives.

  • Integrated eBook


    When learning tools are interactive, content is more approachable and engagement is deeper. Connect includes an Integrated eBook that builds student comprehension through animation, audio and video. As part of its rich media format, students can insert and review notes, highlight text, conduct searches for specific content and interact with high-impact images.

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Case Study

Biology - Northwest Vista College

Professor Brian Stout wanted a way to increase student success and retention in his online non-majors biology course. He felt that the interactive learning offered by Connect and LearnSmart would work more effectively than the static assignments he previously assigned. After implementing Connect Biology, he saw an improvement in course pass rates by 8.5% and retention rates by 6%. In addition, he has greatly reduced his time spent both setting up his course and grading assignments.

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