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Connect Fitness and Wellness provides instructors with a wealth of interactive online content that they can assign to students. All of these assignments can be automatically-graded and sent directly to the course gradebook, allowing instructors to spend more time teaching and less time grading.

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  • Interactive Lab Activities


    Connect Fitness and Wellness includes interactive lab activities that provide students with instant feedback about their current level of fitness.

  • Behavior Change Tools


    Behavior change tools found in Connect Fitness and Wellness help students assess their current level of fitness, set goals, and create plans to enact change.

  • Simple LMS Integration


    All it takes is one click and Connect seamlessly integrates with every learning management system out there. Quickly access registration, attendance, assignments, grades and course resources in real time in one go-to location.

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Effectiveness Study

Connect Makes a Difference

Analysis of data aggregated from 34 Connect case studies featuring diverse colleges and universities in the United States showed consistent improvement in four areas: Reduced administrative time for instructors Increased effectiveness of lectures and more engaged students Greater student confidence and retention rate Higher test scores and overall grades

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